Turbo Blowers

With over 25 Years Of Technology, REAZ and Turbowin have joined forces in Australia/New Zealand to service Industry with the World’s No.1 High Speed Turbo-blower direct driven and based on a patented bearing and impeller design that is both oil free and Ultra-Reliable. With thousands of installed units and Inverter driven technology, we stock, supply, install and service Turbowin professionally in Australia.


We service, Water, Waste Water, Water Treatment, Mining, Power, Petrochemical, Effluent, Fermentation, Effluent Treatment and others.


REAZ and TURBOWIN – “ We Care For Your Business”.


Based in Korea – TURBOWIN is the world’s most advanced technology, direct coupled - high speed turbo-blower. Based on patented designs, the Impeller, Motor, Bearing Technology, VSD Technology and BOV patents, there is no other manufacturer that can match the reliability, performance and efficiency of Turbowin.


Matched by Local Engineering, Local Support and Local Stock we are proud to be the early adopter of what already is a Global Leader in Blower Supply and Engineering.


We invite you to review the Engineering Data and join REAZ in supporting World Best Practice Manufacturing and Support.


Please find the attached catalogues for your reference and contact details attached.